So when and how did it all begin…?

One of the Lions Members was on holiday and visited a second hand bookshop run by a local charity so he suggested that the Lions could try something similar. Another Lion had a trailer so the Club agreed with the St Mary Centre to place the trailer with a selection of second hand books within the Centre on Saturday mornings. This would be another way in which we could raise some money to help with our donations to local charities.

The first morning of the scheme back in 2006 was very successful, in fact nearly £150 was raised although in successive mornings the takings settled down to a somewhat lower level and it was a lot of work for a relatively small return. However it continued in the precinct and we moved under cover!

In November 2011 the Centre very kindly allowed us the use of an unoccupied shop at 23 St Marys Street in conjunction with a company called Healthy Planet. This was obviously a big improvement and our funds increased dramatically. We had to move to another empty shop after about six months but we were helped with the move, which took place on a Sunday, by members of other local groups such as Round Table and Thornbury Rotary Club and also were given the loan of moving equipment by the local Aldi Store.

We moved to our current premises (19/21 St Mary Street) in April 2014 and became independent in 2015. We operate six days a week and we have an excellent group of volunteers to supplement the Lions Club members.  We have now become an integral part of the local community and are visited by many local people and also visitors to the town. We are able to support many local groups and organisations in their efforts to provide facilities and help in a variety of ways.

We are fortunate to have the help and assistance of the St Mary Centre in our continued success.