ARC Animal Charity at Thornbury Farmers Market

We were delighted to learn that Faye Blackwell, who fundraises for ARC, a Spanish registered charity organisation set up to help abandoned and mistreated animals in that country, was able to raise £136.00 for cats and dogs in desperate need of medical treatment or rehoming.

Faye’s friend, Sally Mason, who lives in Spain and runs the charity arranges for veterinary care for the cats and dogs, with a sympathetic vet who only charges half the normal fee to provide treatment. Once restored to health the animals are then wormed, chipped and prepared for adoption by people from all over Europe for a fee of normally £400.00

So far Faye has raised £2000.00 for the charity and was spurred on to make the exquisite fabric Angels and purses (that make great gifts and keepsakes), after seeing some of the animals needing help.

We hope to see Faye and her stall again at the market soon to carry on this great and worthy initiative.