Fantastic Result for Charity Cake Sale

Finishing Touches has always wanted to hold an event to raise funds for the Alzheimer’s Society and finally managed to do so on Wednesday 19th June.  Being a cake-related retailer, it just had to be a Cake Sale!

Rather than risk the weather and sell in the centre of St Mary Centre, the decision was taken to ask local retailers to offer them in their shops; it was also a good way to introduce shoppers to new outlets.  So, with the help of Heiress, Le Beau Soleil, Hawkes House and Jolie’s Fleurs, the concept was born.

Dee baked and delicious range of deli-themed cupcakes which not only looked scrumptious, but tasted so as well.  Liz stayed at home for two days baking and decorating intricate cupcakes which matched the theme of the outlet in which they were to be sold.

The local sugarcraft club ‘Sugar Crew’ also donated their subs and purchased remaining cakes.

A target of £300 was set which did seem ambitious.  You can imagine everyone’s delight when the total raised was £421.26.  An amazing achievement and a huge thank you to everyone involved.